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Seawatercolours: Installation views

The work was exhibited in a group exhibition Prima Materia at Helsinki University Think Corner from November 18th through December 13th 2012.

During the Prima materia -exhibition the work was still in progress. Later on, the dining table with soups as well as the series of the seawatercolour paintings will contain water samples taken throughout the whole year starting May 2012 until April 2013.

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  • Installation at the Prima Materia -exhibition. The salt paintings (back), the dining table (front) and the Water colour scope.
    The Art of Cooking down the Baltic Sea - a view of the dining table set with soups and stock cubes.
    A Soup du Jour and stock cube on a tablecloth printed with data of the temperature, turbidity and salinity of seawater.
    A "reference soup" cooked on Källskär Island in Åland is white in comparison with the brownish soups from Helsinki .
    At the exhibition opening we served a warm soup that contained the same amount of salt as the Baltic Sea (0,5% salinity).
    The soup recipe was created by chef Antti Nurkka (in the image) who also helped with the serving.
    The whole installation at the Prima Materia -exhibition 2012.