tuula närhinen

Salt Paintings

During each month I collected round 40 litres of seawater and left it to evaporate in room’s temperature.

The results of the process were dehydrated salt crystals and algae on an acrylic plate. The seawatercolour paintings represent the state of the Baltic Sea during the month in question.

Together the 12 paintings (May 2012 trough April 2013) create a colour calendar that makes visible the monthly variations in the quality of the seawater.

The seawater evaporated in a 100x70 cm frame.

The series of 5 salt paintings (May through September 2012) at the Prima Materia exhibition in March 2012.
Salt painting from 40 liters of seawater taken in September 2012. The frame 100x 70 (left) and a detail (right)
40 liters of seawater taken in July 2012
40 liters of seawater taken in June 2012