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Baked Rain

In 1904, scientist Wilson Bentley invented a method for making replicas of rain drops using wheat flour. He let rain fall on a shallow pan filled with dry flour for a few seconds of time. Each drop of rain formed a clump which - after baking the contents in an oven - could be sieved from the flour. The clumps are equal to the water volume of the actual raindrops. I added blue water soluble dye to the flour in order to make the resulting minimal sculptures clearly visible.

Baked Rain. Installation in the Touch of Rain exhibition at Kluuvi gallery 15.2.-3.3.2013
Baked Rain. Details of the installation at Kluuvi gallery 2013
Rain on flour. Each drop of rain forms a clump which - after baking in an oven - can be sieved from the flour.
Rain Drop Sculptures - rain samples (left to right) 12.8.2011@10:00, 3.10.2011@14:40, 25.8.2010@11.00, 3.9.2011@15:20