tuula närhinen

A list of the species

Western end of Aleksanterinkatu -North side (facing towards The Senate Square):
Cladophora Glomerata
Ceratophyllum Demersum
Myriophyllum Spicatum
Abramis Brama
Ruppia Maritima
Catabrosa Aquatica
Potamogeton Pectinatus

Western end of Aleksanterinkatu - South side (facing towards The Senate Square):
Phalaris Arundinacea
Gammarus Zaddachi
Asellus Aquaticus
Macoma Balthica
Stizostedion Lucioperca
Zannichellia Palustris
Electra Crustulenta

Aleksanterinkatu eastern end - south side (facing towards The Three Smiths Square):
Carex Nigra
Bithynia Tentaculata
Cordylophora Caspia
Perca Fluviatilis
Potamogeton Perfoliatus
Esox Lucius

Aleksanterinkatu east end - north side (facing towards The Three Smiths Square):
Lemna Minor
Bolboschoenus Maritimus
Enteromorpha Intestinalis
Phragmites Australis
Myriophyllum Sibiricum

The work was originally planned to be complemented by cast-iron manhole covers with picture reliefs of the water and wetland animals and plants - some of them extinct -- that lived along the shores of the bay but due to technical problems this part of the work was never realized.

The installation of the work The unrealized part of the work: manhole covers

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